Band: Cat Power & the Memphis Rhythm Band
Venue: Showbox
Location: Seattle, WA
Date: 2006-11-28

Source: Sound Pros SP-CMC-4 Audio Technica 853's > SP Microtrack Interface >
M-Audio Microtrack (44.1khz 16 bit) {Mics in Hat XY, Dead Center, 20 feet from stage}

Recorded & Seeded By Basshead

Transfer: Soundforge 9.0 Pro -> CDWave for track splits-> FLAC Frontend.

01 Willie Deadwilder
02 The Moon
03 Where Is My Love
04 Since You Been Gone (Teenie Hodges song) #
05 House of the Rising Sun *
06 Love and Communication *
07 I Can't Give You Anything But Love *
08 Wild As the Wind *
09 Naked If I Want To
10 Band Introduction and Outro Jam #
11 Love And Happiness #
12 Satisfaction
13 Crazy

* Chan Solo
# Memphis Rhythm Band without Chan

Chan was "sick" this night, left the stage several times to puke, or whatever. She stops Wild as the Wind because shes gonna pass out or puke. I was 20 mins late and missed some of the goods. What they do perform in about an hour is pretty rockin for sure. THis show was normalized to 20db, and I dropped about 6db on about 200 claps. Tedious chore, but wanted the show to be a pleasant experience.