Cat Power with the Memphis Rythm Band
La Route du Rock

Fort de Saint P�re, St Malo, France

FM broadcasts # 1-5 : 08-12-2006
# 6-15 : 10-22-2006

Lineage # 1-5 : FM receiver (stereo) -> MD (mono) -> CDWAVe -> SoundForge -> wav. -> you

Lineage # 6-15 : FM receiver (stereo) -> HD -> CDWAVe -> Soundforge -> wav. -> FLAC -> you

While going through dozens of unlabelled MD recordings made during the past weeks, I came across the recording of the Route Du Rock festival. When I don't have room left on my HD I sometimes use the MD.
I went on listening to this recording. Then I went directly to the end and... what a surprise to discover the beginning of the Cat Power's concert! So here it is. It's in mono, unfortunately, because I launched the recording and probably went out so it's mono.
Of course if someone comes up with a stereo recording of this, I'll withdraw mine. But now, at least, we have it all!

Setlist :
01. Instrumental n�1 *
02. Instrumental n�2 *
03. The Greatest
04. Living Proof
05. Lived in bars
06. Could We
07. Empty Shells
08. Willie
09. The Moon
10. Islands
11. Where Is My Love
12. Hit The Road Chan -> The House Of the Rising Sun **
13. I Don't Blame You **
14. Wild Is The Wind **
15. Love & Communication

* Memphis Rythm Band (without Chan Marshall)
** Chan Marshall solo

Recorded & edited by svp, for you.

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