Cat Stevens - Longer Boats At Massey Hall, Canada, Oct 23, 1971 -RESEED

And yet again, there was no name stated in the original info file, so all thank yous go to the original uploader,
whoever you are and wherever it was first seeded, thank you.

Nothing has been chanced to the audio files and the checksum, they are exactly the same as when they were first seeded.
This info file is the only thing added to this package.

I checked the Dime NAV and NAB list, and nothing could be found regarding this recording.
I also did a search using the Dime search engine and did not find this recording still on the tracker.

Cover art by Gromek
EAC rip log included (text file)
Original checksum included.
Original info file(s) included.

I hope you enjoy the music!

Reseeded by Gromek on Dime
on Tuesday May 5 2009.

All the best;

The original info file stated the following:

Cat Stevens
Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada
October 23, 1971

Unknown source>CDR>EAC>FLAC

Hello fellow music lovers, I noticed that there isn't much Cat Stevens material to download so I thought that this concert would be a nice treat.

01. The Wind
02. Moonshadow
03. On The Road To Find Out
04. If I Laugh
05. Longer Boats
06. King Of Trees
07. Sweet Scarlet
08. Miles From Nowhere
09. Hard Headed Woman
10. Wild World
11. Peace Train
12. How Can I Tell You
13. Where Do The Children Play?
14. Father And Son
15. Changes IV
16. Sad Lisa