This cd is 1 of about 100 disks I received from Gary Z, a longtime SugarMegs Fan.
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Ever have �that friend?� The one who knows more about music than you ever will? The one whose tape collection dwarfed everything you had ever seen? This was Steve in 1977. Tons of tapes and none of it well organized. Tons of vinyl boots, too. Just being in his overcrowded place stacked high with all formats of music was intoxicating.

My friend was there taping the concert when Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt double-billed a local high school concert in 1972. And he taped nearly every concert he attended after that. I know. I had the privilege of helping him move his tapes to CD several years ago. His tapes were endless. Some were sourced from the radio but many were his own recordings. Given the price of tapes in those days, I�m guessing most of his income went to blank tapes.

It�s in his honor that I share these with you, who have shared so much of your own collections. And to our magnificent host, who makes them available to everyone in such a free way. Some have probably never been traded or have such low circulation that they will be new to you. I hope so!

Gary Z