Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)
The Point Depot (aka. the O2)
Dublin, IE
Nov 15th, 2009
Audience Recording by sabrewulf
Edirol R-09 + Church Cardioids stc-11

Quality: very good


CD 1:

01 Lilywhite
02 The Wind
03 Thinking 'Bout You
04 Where Do The Children Play
05 Boots & Sand
06 Welcome Home
07 Fill My Eyes
08 Roadsinger
09 Midday (Avoid City After Dark)
10 Sitting
11 I Think I See The Light
12 Miles from Nowhere
13 Don't Be Shy
14 Glass World
15 Bad Brakes
16 Moonshadow
17 Peace Train

CD 2:

01 All Kinds of Roses
02 Lilywhite (2009)
03 Tuesday's Dead
04 Father and Son (with Ronan Keating)
05 Musical Intro
06 World of darkness (Yusuf)
07 Maybe theres a world
08 Matthew and Son
09 I Might die tonight
10 Old school yard
11 When a door closes (Yusuf)
12 Father and Son
13 Road to find out
14 Life
15 If you want to sing out, sing out
16 A bad night
17 Wild World

Here's another source for the infamous gig at the Point Depot in Dublin. The Musical part (CD 2, Track 5 - 17) was originally between "I Think I See The Light" and "Miles from Nowhere", but I moved it to the end (Yusuf did the same thing on his following shows). As most of you probably already know the crowd went on a rampage when the show was interrrupted by the musical after 40 mins of Yusuf's performance, since they felt like all the big hits were performed by unknown performers rather than the man himself. Hardly anyone knew at this point that the Yusuf concert would continue after the musical part.
I have also videotaped the first 60 mins of the gig, so if anyone feels like using this along with other footage from various sources for a complete DVD, please let me know.

Sometimes my internet connection crashes. If this happens and you get stuck, just continue downloading. I will reset my router sooner or later and will defo seed until the show is fully uploaded.

I appreciate your comments! :-)