Cecil Taylor Unit-
Jimmy Lyons (as), Sam Rivers (ts), Cecil Taylor (p), Andrew Cyrille (dr).
"Philharmonie", Berlin (Germany), November 6, 1969. (recorded at the festival "Berliner Jazztage")
1 Announcements by Dietrich Schulz-K�hn (1:50)
2 Fragments Of A Dedication to Duke Ellington (63:30)

broadcast: RBB Kulturradio, June 19, 2009

DVB-C (48 khz/ 256 kbps) > Nokia d-box 2 > harddisk.
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NOTES BY Lukas Lindenmaier (2009-12-14 on UBU's website):

after listening to the 1969-1106 recording again, I do believe the 63:30 version we have from the 2009-0619 broadcast (RBB Kulturradio)
is the complete performance recorded. There is not cut/editing audible - not in my ears, at least - except for cutting short the final
applause. Also, this version is of the best audio quality so far.
Longer versions of recordings from this same date result from - m.h.o - clumsy efforts combining (editing/pasting) fragments from
earlier incomplete broadcasts (aired 1969, 1970, and later, by various German radio stations. All these pastiche versions
(69 min, 75 min., some even longer) suffer from low audio quality, also harsh cuts and/or inexplicable fades, cross-fades, and overlappings.
There is no private audience recording from this performance, as far as I know, documenting �a much longer performance� as rumourously
reported by few eye-/ear-witnesses.
(sidebar): reading from contemporary (1969) festival reviews, 1969-1106 was the opening night of Berliner Jazztage.
Performing on this �Piano For Duke� night were 1) Joe Turner solo or trio?, 2) Steve Kuhn solo?, 3) Joachim K�hn w. Barre Phillips,
Stu Martin, Jacques Thollot, 4) Thelonious Monk solo, (then w. J.Turner, Hans Rettenbacher, S.Martin sitting in for the last tune,
5) Cecil Taylor Unit (Lyons, Rivers, Taylor, Cyrille). Not having heard recordings from the first 3 sets, but the complete Monk set,
which runs for some 30 min. incl. applause, I guess the CT Unit started at about 2 and 1/2 hours after the beginning of the program -
and I don�t think they played more than the 63:30 on the recording, when �... three quarter parts of the audience derserted ...
(quote from Hans Harzheim�s review in: Jazz Magazine (France) #175 (Feb. 1970) p.11).

Best wishes,
H.Lukas Lindenmaier


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