For my first "official" post on IS i've chosen this recording,
even for paying tribute to the Great Master who, few weaks
ago, has celebrated his eightieth birthday.
The music, a six parts suite, reminds closely the Basel concert
(November 16, 1981) recorded and published by Hat Hut
(particularly the 2nd CD : Garden pt. 2).
The encore is missing : end of the cassette...

Cecil Taylor, piano solo

Recorded live in Pisa, Italy, on July 24th, 1982

1. Part 1 (28:46)
2. Part 2 (15:47)
3. Part 3 (13:22)
4. Part 4 (10:58)
5. Part 5 (11:42)
6. Part 6 (06:40)

Total Time 1:27:17


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