Cecil Taylor solo
30 November 1984
Baird Auditorium
Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institute
Washington, DC
Made from the master cassettes

1 48:01
2 12:53
2 (alternate recorder) 11:34

Cecil Taylor - piano

from "DC" our anonymous donor:
Cecil Taylor, solo, Baird Auditorium, Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, November, 30, 1984. Recorded from the first row, near center, using a Sony TC-150 mono cassette recorder with ALC on a conventional bias TDK cassette. This transfer was made in 2013 by playing the master tape on an Akai GX F31 cassette deck into a PC, where the signal was captured via Goldwave. The channel with the strongest signal was copied and the copy was pasted into the opposite channel for true mono sound.

Part two of this recording--the last 13 minutes of the set--was made on side B of the cassette after the tape flip. For whatever reason, the cassette began making a faint, regular clicking sound following the tape flip. The sound was picked up by the microphone. For that reason, a file made from a first generation copy of part two of an alternative recording--the last 11 minutes of the set--is included. The alternate recording was made by a friend sitting further back using a small stereo Walkman-style recorder. Sadly, neither the friend or the remainder of his recording are with us today.