Cecil Taylor - Unit

Hamburg, Onkel P�, 1976

Raph� Malik,tp Jimmy Lyons,as David S.Ware,ts Cecil Taylor,p,voc,comp Marc Edwards,dr

CD1: 69:59
1/2 The Dumping Petal Point And Sunflowers (fade-out-in at 40:10) (fade-out) 69:59

CD2: 44:15
3 Don't Send Me No Pebbles From Georgia (fade-out) 44:15

CD3: 56:25
4 First Word - I - II (fade-out) 46:25

Lineage: fm > cd on trade > flac > dime

Sound Rating: A

Remark: maybe this concert has been seeded in dime in the past. i don�t know.
unfortunately this concert exists only in this fade-out-in versions.
the problem was: mr. taylor played radically long time sequence tunes and the radio stations didn�t have the time to broadcast the tunes in full length.
but this concert is one of the highlights of cecil taylor�s immense sound work.


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