Cedar Walton Quartet (& Bob Berg) - The Netherlands (c.) 1977

Cedar Walton Quartet
Laren (Nick Vollebregt's Jazzcafé), the Netherlands (tracks 1-4)
3 April, 1977
(Tracks 5-8: same personnel, the Netherlands, but exact location and date uncertain)

Two radio broadcasts with the Cedar Walton Quartet. My own recordings of the broadcast on r-to-r tape.

The first one (tracks 1-4) at Nick Vollebregt's Jazz Café for Dutch NOS radio in Laren, Sunday April 3, 1977 (the announcer, the late Michiel de Ruyter, mentions March 3 in the beginning and April 3 in the end; the latter is the correct date).

The second broadcast (tracks 5-8) was for Dutch TROS radio (program Sesjun, but not a direct "live"broadcast; announcer here is Cees Schrama), but I don't know the exact date or location for this one; probably the same year, it might even be the same week or the same session. Here the bass player is also Sam Jones; in discographies, Sam Jones is only present - in the recordings with Cedar Walton as leader - up to the year 1977.


Bob Berg (ts), Cedar Walton (p), Sam Jones (b), Billy Higgins (d).

Track list:
01 Announcements
02 Angel In The Night
03 Seven Minds
04 Firm Roots
05 Announcements
06 Off Minor
07 For All We Know
08 Blue Train