Cedric Burnside
Blue Ox Music Festival
Eau Claire, WI

Source: AKG ck61's(DIN)> Naiant Actives(60v)> Sound Devices Mixpre-10 II @32/48
Location: 11 feet up, DFOB, Slightly LOC
Lineage: SD>PC>Izotope RX8>Wavelab6>Cdwave>TLH>Foobar2000
Taper: John Bell

**A Team Dirty South Recording**

01. The World Can Be So Cold *
02. Hard to Stay Cool
03. Mellow Peaches
04. We Made It
05. I'm Hurting
06. Please Tell Me Baby
07. What Makes Me Think
08. Pretty Flowers
09. Keep Yours Hands Off Her
10. Step In
11. Take a Toll
12. Poor Black Maddie

*Acoustic guitar wasn't miced and techs brought a mic during the song