Cedric Watson Trio
Red Wing Roots Festival
Mount Solon, Va

source:microtech gefell sms 2000(body) > mg20(card) > Oade M148
>P2(oade acm mod 24/48)
trans:cr>wavelab (fades, track, normalize) >TLH(flac>checksum)

t01 Intro > ???
t02 The Waltz
t03 Colinda?
t04 ???
t05 Bosco Stomp
t06 ???
t07 ???
t08 ???
t09 ??
t10 Lemonade Song
t11 Ain't No Ashes To Burn
t12 ???
t13 Goodbye?

notes: need a lot of help with set list...odbviously butchering titles
mics 8' high at front left corner of sbd.