Chad Wackerman Group . Scream Tour Australia
The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.Adelaide .March 20th 2002
James Mueller- Guitars
Daryl Pratt – synthesizer, vibraphone, percussion
Leon Gaer – Bass
Chad Wackerman- Drums
Sony d6> Maxell xls 11 tape.> Sony Ecm 150 mic> 2002>-Nakamichi 581 playback to Mac Dual core G5> > soundtrack 16 ,( file splitting )> 2013 >mac pro > import as 16 bit wav files from master CD > adobe audition ( amplification , minor eq -remove applause )> xact flac transfer
recorded. mastered,transferred by GGBall

One of a pair of Adelaide shows featuring Wackerman in 2002, the second (coming soon) was with Alan Holdsworth in May 2002.

Great band , Wackerman plays like he is possessed, , the vibraphone gives the band a unique feel, subtle on the slow tunes, as well as fearsome on the fast numbers , Mueller is an excellent guitarist perfect complimenting the other band members perfectly. This is one of my favourite shows . Excellent sound , respectful audience, enjoy !

Holiday Insane
Between the Dog and the Wolf.
set 2
Across The Bridge
Tune introductions
Quiet Life
All Sevens
encore : Sofa