Chambers Brothers
Cathedral Of St. John The Divine
FM Source

"Stop The Vietnam War Benefit"

2-Boogie Chillin'
4-Let It Shine (?)
6-Love Peace And Happiness
8-Time (1 Sec. Dropout @ 3:28)

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davmar: here's another good chambers brothers show from 1971.this was an anti war show recorded at nyc's cathedral of st.john the's an fm but the mix is uneven throughout.not bad though and quite rare.

ljs_54: Date may be 1971-12-06. There were definitely benefit concerts and rallies going on in 1971 for the benefit of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Quote from the listing:

Date previously unknown; one user found an appraisal request for a poster of an anti-war concert at this venue with the Chambers Brothers, among others, on this date.

I noted the slight dropout in "Time" but I didn't comb the whole show.