Champion Jack Dupree w/Kai Lending: Mannheim, Rosengarten, 01/18/74, Master Audience

Hey everybody, it took some time to locate it, but here´s Set 2 of the first Bluesshow, I ever saw:
Champion Jack Dupree w/Kai Landing in Mannheim, Germany, from the master ree!!
One of the few things I ever found from him, from the early 70`s....

He was the first great Bluesman, I ever saw performing live, at a big concert in Mannheim at the "Rosengarten", originally built for classical music!
His charme, humour, presence and personality, really pleased the crowd, consisting of many people, usually not interested in the Blues!
He gave us a great lecture in New Orleans Blues and I really think, he did more than anybody else, to make the Blues popular in the 70`s, here!

He played alone with his piano in the first set and Kai Lending on guitar and an unknown bass player appeared with him, on most of the second set!
He was a great showman and so never forget to play some "Lucky" Blues to make everybody happy!
What he did here is really incredible:
In the first song of this set he started on piano and voc. w/"Drinkin´Wine", then included some tap dancing for the stunned crowd , sang on , told stories did more tap dancing and closes the song with a great reprise of "Drinkin´Wine" ! Right after this, he did a great classic Blues with Kai on guitar!
He really did some great stuff for the "purists" here.......
Since that show, he was one of my alltime favorites in Blues!

He also made many great records, his best, probably on the Blue Horizon and the English Decca label;
amoung his " sidemen" were:
---the early Eric Clapton("From New Orleans to Chicago, Decca label)
---Paul Kossof(Blue Horizon" When you feel the Feeling")
---Mick Taylor and others!

Since this recording was made in a Concert Hall for Classical music, the sound is really great( sometimes stunning quality), for an Audience of the time!
I did my best to adjust the levels of the clapping etc.!(Mp 3 sample posted below)
Since Champion Jack played alone in the first set and did more "crowd pleasers" .
I will upload the first set in a different torrent, if people will be interested!

Set 2
1 Drinkin´Wine /Step Dancing
2 Talkin/Step Dancing/Drinkin´Wine
3 My Baby is gone *
4 Mean old Frisco *
5 Reefers Blues*
6 Come Back Baby*
7 Ain´t that a Shame/ Blueberry Hill*
8 End Blues*

9 Crowd
10 Le´s Rock, Let´s Roll *

Lineage: Master Reel-Revox B77-PDR 05-Eac-Flac
Enjoy this piece of Blues History!