Charles Mingus 1964 TOUR NEW EDITION PART 1 OF 4
April 13,Stockholm,Sweden

Second concert not present here
Officially released on jazz Icons DVD 2007
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Charles Mingus: bass
Eric Dolphy: alto sax, flute, bass clarinet
Clifford Jordan: tenor sax
Johnny Coles: trumpet
Jaki Byard: piano
Dannie Richmond: drums

Sound a--

cd-r in trade > eac > audacity (fix) > Soundforge (pitch) > tlh(Flac 8, SBE,checksums) > Dime

flac files directly from mediafire/sendspace > Soundforge (pitch correction) > TLH (flac 8 , SBE,Checksums) > Dime

first concert

01 Peggy's Blue Skylight 10:44/11:06 11:05
02 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling aka
How sizes China from Mississippi 11:00/11:35 11:34
03 Fables Of Faubus 17:09/17:40 17:19
04 Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress* 12:42/12:59 13:07

Second Concert - present only as document (sorry!!)

01 So Long Eric (take 1) 2:40 02:39
02 Meditations (false depart) 01:58 01:58
03 Meditations 16:25 16:19
04 So Long Eric 06:56 6:52

on the left timings before pitch correction (with and without applause following Onttonen discography )



******** Notes to tracks ********

Not present here: So Long Eric
from the first concert

How sizes China from Mississippi is just Mingus fake title for
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

01 peggy corrected volume from 1:01 to 1:10
Orange corrected volume during applause at 9.10

FLAMBAY NOTES (speed correction on previous version tracks):

First concert

01 Peggy's Blue Skylight : entire track +25cts

02 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling needed variable pitch correction
first part: +40cts ... +30cts, second part +20cts

03 Fables Of Faubus: entire track +30cts

04 Orange Was The Colour ...:
first part sounds OK, no speed correction
second part: 02:16,081 (first note of piano solo) to end of track: +15cts