Charles Mingus 1964 TOUR NEW EDITION PART 4 OF 4

First set : Dime > Audacity (Phase inversion,fix) > Soundforge (pitch correction) > TLH (flac 8 , SBE,Checksums) > Dime

Second set : Other tracker > Audacity (fix) > TLH (flac 8 , SBE,Checksums) > Dime

Radio. Sound is A/A-.

Notes on original torrent :

I spent many hours going through this amazing show to repair literally
hundreds of pops present on the original LP. I also removed the fade out/in between tracks
they flow together seamlessly.

Cary Wolfson

Charles Mingus: bass
Eric Dolphy: alto sax, flute, bass clarinet
Clifford Jordan: tenor sax
Johnny Coles: trumpet
Jaki Byard: piano
Dannie Richmond: drums

Disc 1
1. So Long Eric part I 18.31 18:10
2. So Long Eric part II 08.21 7:28 08:04
3. AT FW USA 4.48 4:33 04:43
4. Sophisticated Lady > 03.58 (Ellington) 03:50
5. Parkeriana (Ow) 22.04 21:57 21:44

Disc 2
1. Meditations 25:28
2. Fables Of Faubus 34:02

source : INGO italian bootleg (3 lp)
2010 Jazz Lips Music JL 774 for second set

I don't know if this is the correct sequence of the tracks
This way Sophisticated Lady seems used as intro to Ow !!

Enjoy Maurizio

******** Notes to tracks ********
For the first set I used The tracks from a Torrent present on Dime the Previous years
(above his notes)

For the second set I have decided to use Tracks coming from another Tracker (CD source this time)

The quality of the sound is pretty much the same -
The second set I have chosen was already cleaner than the other one
plus it was already Pitch correct !!!

Disc one
This recording is a bit Boomy so I managed to reduce the Booms
01 So Long Eric part I some boom and some click
02 So Long Eric part II some boom
04 Sophisticated lady some click
05 ow - 3 hours of work to un-boom this track !!!

Disc two
Both meditations and Fables had some boom here and there (just 3-4 - no more)


Speed correction on the original 3 LP version:

all Set 1 tracks: +30cts

All tracks from this version also needed to be phase inversion corrected.