Charley Crockett
Red Wing Roots Festival
Mount Solon, Va

source:microtech gefell sms 2000(body) > mg20(card) > Oade M148
>P2(oade acm mod 24/48)
trans:cr>wavelab (fades, track) >TLH(flac>checksum)

t01 intro
t02 I Ain't Got No Time To Lose
t03 Cry For Me Baby?
t04 How Long Will I last
t05 Ain't Got To Worry child
t06 7 Come 11
t07 Look what You Done
t08 *Late In The Evening
t09 Goin' Back To Texas
t10 How Low Can You Go >
t11 unknown??
t12 unknown??
t13 I Wanna Cry
t14 Loving You On Borrowed Time
t15 That's How I Got To Memphis
t16 River Of Sorrow
t17 unknown??
t18 Trinity River
t19 Big Gold Mine
t20 Cry One More Time
t21 Jamestown Ferry
t22 Banjo Pickin Man
t23 Although There's A Crowd
t24 Single Girl Again?

mics 8' high left of center at sbd.
Blue Ridge Timberwrights Stage
*Cedric Burnside
fill in the unknown titles if known....t11,12,17