Charlie Daniels Band
New Monk
Berkeley, CA

Mastered: Bob Miller
KSAN -Pre-FM > (2nd Gen) Maxell XLII-S > Nakamichi BX300 > DBX 224X-DS > Sound Forge 13.0 (WAV) > TLH (FLAC - Level 8)

Incomplete Show

01 // Parchment Farm
02 Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
03 ? //
04 King Sized Rosewood Bed

Note: I had written this on my cassette liner as "1973 - KSAN". Reasearch I had done turned up CDB over in Berkeley at the New Monk on 06/30/1972.
I could not find anything else around this time period. Screaming early CDB. Taz was on fire. Enjoy.