Charlie Daniels Band
Stanley Theater
Pittsburgh, PA USA
March 16, 1976
vg+ to ex- FM broadcast
1st gen

Setlist & Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Wichita Jail.flac:cfcd146c942cbea2386175b9c62653f7
Track 02 - It's My Life.flac:c704b018f1453aecb4743d4153ec205c
Track 03 - Saddle Tramp.flac:efacc9ee184f8fe94a484c66a5b12757
Track 04 - Instrumental.flac:00c9c00701d49f12f1efca8614761720
Track 05 - Long Haired Country Boy.flac:68172f4aef22dc8ca33729aaa99fae1b
Track 06 - Pain.flac:995d39eda6a0eaf587cc0a0d7c7559ad
Track 07 - Texas.flac:73a3e2615d7659c9e697ed04a68a91a4
Track 08 - Cumberland Mountain Number Nine.flac:968fd24c5691ccbcf4cb2bbf5551292e
Track 09 - I Got Dixie On My Mind.flac:de316f2d7a912c88b5ef5f3393bd3487
Track 10 - South's Gonna Do It Again.flac:ab065727b4bffef3e22ab2ebe76a89ab
Track 11 - Orange Blossom Special.flac:e085f9896b76cedcf4195f4f21bbcadb

Lineage -

master reel to reel tape > Toshiba PT-862D stereo tape deck >
Pioneer cassette deck, model forgotten >
TDK SD90 high bias 1st gen cassette tape >
SONY TC-WE475 stereo double cassette deck >
ZOOM H2 handy digital recorder >
SanDisk 4GB SDHC card > wav files >
Wav files tracked here (ZOOM) >
Files transferred to HD here >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (retracking and editing of tracks done here) >
Trader's Little Helper (encode level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

One CD : 11 tracks, 60:31
Very good plus to excellent minus FM broadcast recording.
8.5-9/10 IMHO, as always.
This is almost certainly the complete show.

Not much to say here, so I'll try to keep this brief. I copied the
master reel-to-reel tape onto cassette tape myself so this is my 1st
gen copy. I used my very first cassette recorder, which was a Pioneer
"single-header", the model number of which I have forgotten. May it rest
in peace ; it was a great deck. I actually made several 1st gen copies
but this one sounds best ; I have no idea why. I identified the song titles
using Charlie Daniels Band song lyric internet sites. I BELIEVE that all
titles are correct but if you can correct any of them, be my guest. If you
know the real title to Track 05, please supply it. I'll be forever grateful.
Thanks to JT for the loan of his master tape over 20 years ago. There was a
very strange occurrence when I was looking for the title of Track 06, which
I think is called "Pain". I never did find the PRECISE lyrics for this song
but when I perused the lyrics of the song "No Potion For The Pain", I found
that some clown had put up some really filthy lyrics having to do with sucking
dick in prison and getting reamed up the ass (also in prison !). After I was
able to stop laughing hysterically over these filthy lyrics, I visited other
CDB lyric sites & found the identical lyrics there too. Knowing that CD would
never release a song like this, I came to the conclusion that there are some
really sick mofos on this planet who enjoy fucking around with stuff just for
shits & giggles. Iffn you don't believe me, just Google the following phrase:
Charlie Daniels Band - song lyrics Pain (& see what you get...)

This is not a pristine recording (like the rest of my FM broadcasts have been)
but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I don't know if JT neglected to clean the heads
of his reel-to-reel before recording this or what the deal was, but if any of
you have a really clean copy of this show, PLEASE by all means upload it here.
Well, that's about all I have to say so let's get this baby on the golden road
to spiritual enlightenment.......

Finally, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
Please trade this freely as it probably is fairly rare. This show will be a
welcome addition to any CDB fan's collection. I will post a sample to help
some of you decide whether or not to download this, but believe me, the show
sounds pretty good. So, as Mr. Natural is so fond of saying, have fun, don't
freak out and enjoy the concert !

jojogunne 9/5/2013

PS - I have been looking for over a year for the following recordings to no
avail ; if you have ANY of these, PLEASE either upload them here or PM me
to send me the files via snail mail or SendSpace. Here goes: Yes, House of Blues,
North Myrtle Beach, SC August 3, (IIRC), 2012. Ted Nugent, House of Blues,
North Myrtle Beach, SC August 5, (IIRC), 2012. Mother's Finest, House of Blues,
North Myrtle Beach, SC July XX, 2013. The Aristocrats, July or August 2013,
Charlotte and Raleigh, NC. OK, so the last three were very recent ! Please
help me out if you can. TIA !!!