The Charlie Daniels Band - October 28, 1976 - At C.W. Post College in Brookville, Long Island, NY. Recorded off a WLIR broadcast.

I recorded it onto cassette using a Technics 646D. I transfered it to my MAC using a single well Sony KA1ESA and used Peak to track it. I didn't use Dolby to record or for playback. I don't like the loss of Highs with Dolby.

1) Wichita Jail
2) It's My Life
3) Saddle Tramp
4) Long Haired Country Boy
5) Roll Mississippi
6) Billy The Kid
7) High Lonesome
8) Texas
9) Cumberland Mountain Number Nine
10) Dixie On My Mind
11) The South's Gonna' Do It Again
12) Orange Blossom Special