Charlie Daniels Band
Riverfront Park, Peoria, IL
July 5, 1979

Source : TV audio > RCA cables > Hitachi D560 cassette deck > Cassette (courtesy of MauroVerona)

Transfer : Zoom H4n (16/44) > Sound Forge (pitch +6%, tracking, volume) > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - April 27, 2021

tracked & posted by kingrue upload #3110

This was part of a weekly TV broadcast titled “Concertone” (in Italian means “big concert”)

That was aired at about 8 P.M. on Sundays.

The cassette tape suffered some deterioration and the first 2 songs were not salvageable.

This recording starts half way into the 3rd song.

I have never seen the video, nor can i find it anywhere.

I believe i have the correct band line-up, but i think I'm missing a female back up singer.

Band line-up
Charlie Daniels - fiddle, guitar, vocals (died July 6, 2020) (aged 83)
Tommy Crain - guitar, banjo and pedal steel (died Jan. 13, 2011) (aged 59)
Joel “Taz” DiGregorio - hammond organ, piano (died Oct 12, 2011) (aged 67)
Charlie Hayward - bass
Don Murray - drums, percussion
Carolyn Corlew - backing vocals

Total Time = 42:57

Set list
01 Trudy (fades in)
02 Reflections
03 Funky Junky
04 Johnny B. Goode
05 Long Haired Country Boy
06 Uneasy Rider
07 The Devil Went Down to Georgia
08 The South's Gonna Do It
09 Orange Blossom Special

Thanks to Mauro for the tape transfer.