Charlie Watts Sidesteps:
The A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie-series

This series is dedicated to the Boogie Woogie side-project of Charlie Watts between 2009 - 2012. All song titles were not identified yet. Also there are many instrumental improvisations (which haven't got any song title at all) and there might be some mistakes.
Any help is welcome!
Thanks to all the original recorders and especially to nzb and Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who provided me their recordings, gave critic and advice regarding my work …. So without whom this project wouldn’t have been possible!

17th March 2011:
Southampton, England, The Brook

Line-up: CW (dr)/Ben Waters (p, voc)/Axel Zwingenberger (p)/Dave Green (bass) with
special guests: Tom Bowler (gtr) on 5 tracks and Julian Phillips (p)

First Set
01 – incomplete unknown instrumental (Axel solo)*
02 – fast instrumental (Axel solo)*
03 – What'd I Say (Ben solo)*
04 – … Bop Boogie (Ben solo)*
05 –slow instrumental (with all members)
06 – Roll’ Em Pete
07 – Roomin’ House Boogie
08 – introducing Tom Bowler
09 – Got An Uncle In Harlem (with Tom Bowler on guitar)
10 – Flip Flop And Fly (with Tom Bowler on guitar)
11 – Shake, Rattle & Roll (with Tom Bowler on guitar)
12 – mid-tempo instrumental
13 – The Sheik Of Araby

Second Set
01 – "Welcome To the Second Part Blues" (Axel instrumental improvisation)*
02 – Mum Boogie* (Axel solo)
03 – Axel speech introducing Charlie & Dave
04 – fast instrumental
05 – slow blues instrumental
06 – Lady Be Good
07 – slow instrumental
08 – Sympathy For The Drummer (+ introducing Ben Waters back on stage)
09 – fast instrumental
10 – slow instrumental
11 – Down The Road Apiece
12 – fast instrumental (with Tom Bowler on guitar and Julian Philips on piano)
13 – Band introduction
14 – Boogie Woogie Country Girl (with Tom Bowler on guitar and Julian Philips on piano)
* tracks without Charlie Watts

As usual all the infos are taken from The Rolling Stones Complete Works Database by Nico Zentgraf
An uncirculated show brought in by nzb, originally recorded by the GRAS brothers.
The transitions between the tracks were bad. Sometimes there were gaps (applause or comments were cut) so I added a fade in/out when necessary to increase the listening pleasure. Between the songs there were also lots of repetitions so I rebuilt the tracks by deleting the repetitions.

Posted in 2018 on IORR

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