Osaka, Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
27 April 1978

Size of venue: 2400 seats
Venue still exists? Yes, as Orix Theater.
Apart from the Festival Hall, this was Osaka's premier rock venue in the 1970's.

The year is confirmed by the setlist and Rick mentions Osaka during stage banter.

Lineage: Cassette bought from the Pied Piper catalog in 1980 - tape copied over in the 80'2 - NAK DR1 - eMu 1212 (24/96 -> 16/44) - CDWave - vol. raise in SoundForge - hiss removal in Magix - tlh

01 Look Out
02 Downed
03 Can't Hold One
04 Oh Caroline
05 Surrender
06 Auf Wiedersehen
07 Need Your Love (cuts in)
08 High Roller
09 Southern Girls (cut)

I have been waiting for 10 years for a complete version to appear but I have never seen one, so I'm sharing my saved partial recording, as the quality of this at least 3rd gen. copy is still decent and it's a performance of historical interest. The multi-track tapes were rolling that night and some parts ended up on Live At The Budokan.

Please note that even if this should surface from the master, the first five songs sound very muffled as the recorder or mic must have been hidden inside a bag or clothing. You get a sense of this in the first sample, as the mic is finally liberated during the first seconds of "Look Out".

The full set list on every night of their 1st Japan Tour:

Hello There
Come On, Come On
Elo Kiddies
Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Big Eyes
Look Out
Can't Hold One
Oh Caroline
Auf Wiedersehen
Need Your Love
High Roller
Southern Girls
I Want You To Want Me
California Man
Goodnight Now

Encore: Clock Strikes Ten

Tour Dates:

04/25/78 Fukuoka, Japan Kyuden-Kinen Taiikukan
04/26/78 Nagoya, Japan Nagoya-shi Kokaido
04/27/78 Osaka, Japan Kosei-Nenkin Kaikan
04/28/78 Tokyo, Japan Nippon Budokan
04/30/78 Tokyo, Japan Nippon Budokan
05/01/78 Shizuoka, Japan Sunpu Kaikan

Other existing audience recordings:

- The Japanese 2006 bootleg double CDR "Come Right Here" has the first 12 songs from Nagoya on the 26th on CD1
The announcement claimed: "Directly recorded from the master cassette a good audience / tape, which was recorded by the record company staff at the time for the record ..."

- The complete first Budokan show on the 28th was recorded by Mr. Peach and released in 2012 by Tarantura on "The Real Budokan", as usually ruined during the mastering process as all of their releases are.
This marked the first time that Tarantura had released a Mr. Peach recording of an already officially released live album, as the complete performance from the 28th had already been released on the 30th Anniversary Edition "Budokan!" from the multi-track tapes.

So, if you have a complete version of Osaka (or Nagoya or the Mr. Peach Tokyo tape), please share them here on TTD.

1bgsky on 12 May, 2020