Cheap Trick
Grandstand @ New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY (USA)
August 30, 2005

Lineage: Core Sound Binaural mics > Core Battery Box > Sharp MT 280 MiniDisc > Sony Vegas PRO 9 > CD Waveditor (track) > flac8

Recorded by: bouliasoul
Transferred by: beatkilla
Tracked by: smores

1. (cuts into) Hello There
2. Big Eyes
3. If You Want My Love
4. I Can't Take It
5. Tonight It's You
6. I Want You To Want Me
7. I Know What I Want
8. Voices
9. Never Had A Lot To Lose
10. The Flame
11. In The Street [Big Star]
12. Surrender
13. -encore break-
14. Dream Police
15. California Man [The Move]
16. Goodnight Now

notes: there are several small gaps throughout the first part of the show where the music drops in both channels. The gaps are less than 1 second in duration. They were left intact to preserve show continuity.

bill: Alice Cooper/Cheap Trick

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