Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, GA - May 28/1973

Lineage :

24 bit file received from Taper -> Audacity (16 bit & track splitting) -> Traders' little helper (checksum & torrent file)

Show Tracklist :

1) Magical Mistery Tour
2) State of Union
3) Just You n' Me
4) Saturday in the Park
5) Darlin' Dear
6) Hollywood
7) Now That You've Gone
8) 25 or 6 to 4
9) Beginnings
10) A Hit By Varese
11) Free
12) Ballet for a Girl in Buchanon
13) Dialogue
14) I'm a Man

Audience recording received directly from the Taper, thanks a lot to him!! It's very hard to find masters of 1970's Chicago recordings.
Great setlist! Includes two of my favorite Chicago tunes: Hollywood and Now That You've Gone.

I'm looking for new/upgrade shows of Chicago, please share your Chicago stuff on Dime! or send me a PM.

Enjoy the show!

Please do not convert to any lossy formats, except for your own (ab)use.

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