The 18th Annual Chicago Blues Festival
Petrillo Music Shell
Chicago, Ill
June 7-10, 2001

Taped & transferred by Uncle Bob Ericsson
Gear/lineage: NAK CM300s w/ CP4 shotgun capsules > Marantz PMD430 playback deck > Macintosh MA6100 > Cool Edit Pro (conversion to 16/44.1)

Bob taped the entire Chicago Blues Fest for 5 years in a row, and this is the first of 5 such megaposts.

I know it's unusual to post an entire festival as one torrent, but some of the acts were very short and didn't warrant posts of their own. I felt is best represented the event to do it all as one big thing.

All files were transferred and burned to CD by the taper and are unaltered from his rips. Bob put fades between all the songs for some unknown reason, and as the SD card masters are no longer in existence this is what we get. All song titles are as Bob wrote them, and some may be guesses.

June 7th, 2001

Jody Williams (01)

01 Somebody Tell Me
02 Time for a Change
03 Hi Low
04 You Made It
05 Lonely Without You
06 Cold, Cold Feeling
07 (instrumental)
08 Reconsider, Baby
09 St. James Infirmary
10 Where Did My Baby Go
11 To Jake (Jody's son)

Willie Kent and the Gents (02)

01 Intro
02 Workin' My Way Back Home (W/ Bonnie Lee)
03 Kansas City (w/ Mary Lane)
04 Turn to a Life of Crime (w/ Mary Lane)
05 I've Got to Let You Go
06 Good Morning in Downtown
07 Should've Been Gone
08 Cry So Much
09 I Can't Stop Lovin' You
10 Ain't Got Long to Stay

Chuck Berry (03)

01 Roll Over Beethoven
02 Round 'n' Round
03 Rock 'n' Roll, Ladies & Wine
04 Rock 'n' Roll Music
05 Pack My Rags and Go
06 Dynamo
07 Gonna Learn to Dance
08 Memphis Tennessee
09 Traveling Salesman
10 Singin' in the Sun
11 Tell Me You Love Me
12 tribute to Muddy Waters
13 Rock 'n' Rollin' 'til the Break of Dawn

Billy Branch & Sons of the Blues (04)

01 Sometimes I do
02 introducing Pinora
03 Clip Joint Blues
04 Up the Road (W/ Carl Weathersby)
05 introducing Barbara LeShore
06 Put Me Out (W/ Barbara LeShore)
07 Old Teenagers in the House
08 Jump Up On It
09 Wanna Be With You
10 Wang Dang Doodle

June 8th, 2001

Robert Lockwood Jr. (05)

01 Intro
02 Goodbye Goodbye
03 Let the good Times Roll
04 'cause it Just Has to Be This Way
05 Give it Up, baby
06 introducing Travis Haddock
07 My Daily Wish is to Get You Off My Mind
08 (instrumental)
09 Tell Me Pretty Woman What Can I Do
10 Gotta find Me a Woman
11 Big Leg Woman
12 (instrumental)

Oliver Sain & Kings of Rhythm (06)

01 Intro
02 Oliver Sain Shuffle
03 Just My Kind
04 Walk With Me

Ike Turner (07)

01 Boogie Woogie
02 Caledonia
03 (instrumental)
04 I Need a New One

Eddie Clearwater & Gene Barge (08)

01 Let the Good Times Roll
02 Gotta Have Me as Sexy Man (w/ Sondra Hall)
03 Still Got the Blues
04 Country
05 Cool Blues Walkin'
06 Easy is My Style
07 Winds of Change
08 Reservation Blues
09 I'm Co-Op
10 jam on closing tune

47th Street Jazz Revue (09)

01 Intro Dee Alexander
02 47th Street title track tune
03 Trouble in Mind
04 dedicated to Louis Armstrong
05 Trouble's in My Way
06 Number Nine on the Chicago Line
07 Struttin' Down 47th Street
08 Drown in My Own Tears

Mel Waiters

01 intro for Hit It & Get It Band (10)
02 Swing Out
03 Swing Out Part 2
04 I Made it Through the Storms

June 9th, 2001

Otis Rush (11)

01 So Many Roads
02 I'm a Crosscut Saw

Son Seals (12)

01 Everyday I Have the Blues
02 Don't You Lie to Me
03 The Sky is Crying
04 The Sun Shinin' on Both Sides the Street
05 Give the Devil His Due
06 I Watched My Baby Leavin'

June 10th, 2001

Jimmy McCracklin (13)

01 Intro
02 Everything Be Right (w/ Sugar pie DeSanto)
03 Hello San Francisco
04 Yakkity Yak
05 Sweet Nectar intro
06 Hold On I'm Comin'
07 Chain of Fools
08 I Can't Stand the Rain on My Windowpane
09 Revenge
10 Hop Skip a Jump
11 If I Give Up
12 Well You Walk
13 This is My Answer
14 That's Got to Be Love
15 Baby, What You Want Me to Do
16 Proud Mary
17 You Wanna Know, so Now You Know
18 After Hours
19 Good Ole Days in Arkansas
20 Solid Gold Cha Cha
21 I Got My Eye on You
22 Boogaloo
23 Havin Fun on the Bayou

CJ Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band (14)

01 My Hot Tamale baby
02 Power of Love
03 It's All Right
04 Just Like a Woman
05 Zydeco
06 Boston Bru Lee
07 She's My woman
09 Caledonia

Irma Thomas & The Professionals (15)

01 I've got the Blues so Bad
02 Urma Thomas intro
03 One More Time Like That
04 Love Don't Change
05 My Heart's in Memphis
06 Hold Me While I Cry
07 You Can Have My Husband
08 I'm a Hip Shakin' Mama
09 Time is On My Side
10 One day I Couldn't Stop Cryin' / IkoIko / Hey Pockey Way
11 Bright Lights Big City
12 Don't Make Me Stop Now
13 band intros / Simply the Best End of Fest