Chick Corea & Stefano Bollani
Teatro Romano
Verona, Italy
July 1, 2010
(Inner Voice: Jazz Masters Volume 17)

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01 Improvisation 01
02 Improvisation 02
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Welcome to Volume 17 of Inner Voice: Jazz Masters, this volume brings us a real treat. A previously un-circulated soundboard featuring the piano duo of Chick Corea and Stefano Bollani.

The 77 year old Corea needs no introduction with a career spanning almost 6 decades he truly is a legend and giant in the field.

The 46 year old Stefano Bollani is a true renaissance man, an Italian composer, pianist, singer, writer and television personality. He has released 35 albums as leader and played on many more.

In the notes to the Corea/Bollani piano duet "Orvieto", the lively 12-song live set released on ECM and recorded in Bollani's hometown, Bollani admits to having �stolen� from the idol he faced on the stage, adding: �I have the feeling we sound like one piano player with four hands.� For the listener, some of that impression of singularity comes from a crisp, brightly- edged mix that overlaps the keyboards in the middle of the wide soundscape. Mostly it derives from the seamless way these two technically dazzling pianists meld lightening-fast runs and brisk chords�to the point where it�s difficult to discern who�s playing what on (2012).

At times it's a delicate dance and other times it's a full on double barreled assault. All the time it is brilliant, two masters calling and answering each other, attacking and challenging.

Corea has said the shows with Stefano Bollani are entirely 100% improvisational.

One begins a loose theme and the other grabs hold, sometimes along for the ride and other times leading the way. It's a ride this listener is happy to go on again and again.

Sample and artwork included...

Thanks to our anonymous benefactor who continues to supply us with gems such as this.


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