Freiburg, University Audimax
February 6, 1973

- Straight out of hanwaker's archive, fresh transfer from 2nd. gen. cassette tape, complete show -

Lineage: Taped by hanwaker w/unknown cassette rec. equipment > unknown brand & type cassette tape master > Grundig TK141 reel > Neckermann C 90 normal cassette tape > DocDondy's fresh 11 May 2020 transfer (replayed on Technics RS-BX626 standalone cassette player w/azimuth adjusted and pitch checked) to Sony PCM-M10 recorder at 44.1kH > wav > Audacity (for slight editing, auto-boosting levels, track marks etc. > wav > FLAC (level 8) > Dimeadozen on 13 May 2020 by DocDondy > all Webbanatix!

Transferred, mastered and uploaded on 13 May 2020 by Docdondy.

Sound quality vg+ (4 out of 6).
mp3 sample in comments.
Cover artwork by Docdondy in comments (PDF files).

1. Crying Won�t Help You Now 5:36
2. Daughter Of The Hillside 3:56
3. The Thrill Is Gone 6:16
4. Everyday I Have The Blues 6:47
5. Prudence's Party 3:01
6. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 6:45
7. Tore Down 3:33
8. Going Down 6:21
9. Telling Your Fortune 9:47
10. Audience 1:54
11. Poor Boy 11:12
Total Time: 65:33 mins.

With MANY sincere thanks to our trusty fellow Dimer hanwaker. He not only recorded this show single-handedly as a teenage bloke but was also so generous and just recently lent me his cassettes for a fresh digitising transfer and for sharing the show with all Chicken Shackanatix here (and - sooner or later - of course also "out there").

Some here may remember that hanwaker himself already uploaded this show to Dime in 2005 and he asked me to mention that upload. I don't have that recording but he said that this here is of clearly superior audio quality.

Here's what he wanted to say about his recording in 2005: "One of my oldest master recordings. All above analog transfers were done wayback in the 70�s as I did not own a cass player in those days. I did not trade this a lot so I guess its not widely circulating. Vocals are a bit buried, but that�s the way it was heard in the location. After the tape flip my micro got buried for a while but the better sound returns after 5.32 in telling your fortune. Hopefully someone will fill out the 2 missing songtitles." That I did.

Please do NOT even think of trying to sell this show or spreading it in lossy formats - otherwise: enjoy, trade, share!

Kind comments always welcome. :-)

Uploaded to Dimeadozen on 13 May 2020.

Chicken Shack ahoy!