Pop Festival, Tauberfrankenhalle, K�nigshofen, Germany, 1973

taped somewhere between March and August 1973 (my guess would be the second half of April)

(Birth Control & Eloy played there 1973-12-23 on a different festival)

AUD MASTER on Scotch Hoe High Energy 90 min cassette (by H.E.) in 1973 > Audacity transfer (by kurzrefe) in January 2020

01. //Tore Down
02. Daughter Of The Hillside
03. Crying Won't Help You
04. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
05. Poor Boy
06. You Know You Could Be Right
Encore 1:
07. Boogie Jam
Encore 2:
08. Blue Suede Shoes

Never shared anywhere else before. First digital transfer of the master tape. First time in circulation.
Just to remind you that I'm still alive.

If you consider this upload as being cool - stay tuned.
This recording is from tape no. 53.
Not all of the more than 125 tapes by H.E. have survived the years but there is still much more to come in 2020...

This Pop Festival in K�nigshofen featured at least the followng bands: IF, CHICKEN SHACK and STEAMHAMMER
(maybe also UFO - crowd cheering for UFO after the gig indicates that this band was also on the bill!).

But I couldn't find any more information. If anybody has any information about the festival, please share it with us.

Have fun! And NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!