Chris Robinson Brotherhood-December 15, 2018-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA • Schoeps MSTC64 • DSP

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
December 15, 2018

Fileset: 16 bit/44.1 KHz

Source: Schoeps MSTC64 (ORTF) > Sound Devices MixPre-6 (24/48)
Location: Back left @ 6'
Transfer: MP-6 > Apple Mac Mini > Audacity (trimming, normalizing, tracking, tagging, parallel compression, dithering, downsampling) > xAct (flac, replay gain, ffp) > Tag Editor

Recording and mastering by Chris Hecht. Thanks to CRB for allowing recording. Strictly for non-commercial use

A BigBlueTarp production

Set 1
01. Coming 'round the Mountain >
02. Oak Apple Day
03. New Cannonball Rag
04. Tomorrow Blues
05. She Shares My Blanket
06. Takin' Care of Business
07. Meanwhile in the Gods... >
08. Like a Tumbleweed in Eden
09. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham

Set 2
10. Try Rock and Roll
11. Blue Star Woman
12. Let It Fall
13. One Hundred Days of Rain
14. Never Been to Spain
15. It Serves You Right to Suffer
16. I Ain't Hiding
17. Train Robbers
18. Shore Power

19. Ride on a Pony

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