The Clash
Parco Ruffini
Torino (Italy)

This Concert Had Been Organized To The Last
Moment And It Was Free!!!!

Type: Audience

Source: TDK D Master Cassette>Playback With Aiwa F620>Nero Wave Editor>
Equalized With Magix 2007>Wave>Flac8>Dime
Recorded With A Hitachi Stereo Portable With Two Microphones Incorporated.
Artwork: No

I Cannot Be Connected 24 Hours Because I Use The
Computer Of The Office.Be Patience Please!!!!

CD 1:

01 Clash City Rockers
02 Brand New Cadillac
03 Safe European Home
04 Jimmy Jazz
05 London Calling
06 The Guns Of Brixton
07 Train In Vain
08 White Man In Hammersmith Palais
09 Spanish Bombs
10 Jail Guitar Doors
11 Somebody Got Murdered
12 Koka Kola
13 I Fought The Law

CD 2:

01 Police And Thieves
02 Bankrobber
03 Clampdown
04 Stay Free
05 English Civil War
06 I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
07 Complete Control
08 Armagideon Time
09 Janie Jones
10 Tommy Gun
11 London's Burning
12 Capital Radio
13 White Riot