Had this vinyl LP for decades, bought in Camden market, and it was always a favourite because of the extended versions of many of the songs. But it ran painfully slow.
Now with all this technology, I thought I’d give it a facelift.

Ripped directly from the turntable. I made an edit to join up Clampdown and Radio Clash and corrected the speed, matched to the video of the show which was shown on Japanese TV.
I also beefed it up a bit with some EQ etc.

No noise or hiss reduction, but fixed as many pops and clicks as possible.

Sounds amazing to finally hear it “properly”

This is the 24bit/96KHz version. A 16bit version is also be on Dime.

Vinyl LP>Dynavector 10x5>Rega Planar 3 (original)>Terratec PhonoPreampVinyl>Audition @24bit/96k>Mastering>CDWave>FLAC

The Clash
“White Riot” LP
Sun Plaza Hall
1 February, 1982

1. London Calling
2. Safe European Home
3. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
4. Brand New Cadillac
5. Charlie Don't Surf
6. Clampdown
7. This Is Radio Clash
8. Armagideon Time
9. Jimmy Jazz
10 Tommy Gun
11. Fujiyama Mama (Pearl Harbour introduced by Topper)
12. Police On My Back
13. White Riot