Claypoole Lennon delirium
College street
New Haven, CT
April 13, 2019

Source: Schoeps CCM41's > Beachtek DXA-SLR Ultra > Sony M10
Location:Front row balcony in front of the right side stack
Recorded, edited and seeded by Michael Buzzeo

1 set

01 Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd cover)
02 Little Fishes
03 Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)
04 Cricket and the Genie (Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket)
05 Easily Charmed by Fools
06 The Court of the Crimson King (King Crimson cover)
07 Boriska
08 Breath of a Salesman
09 Blood and Rockets: Movement I, Saga of Jack Parsons - Movement II Too the Moon
10 South of Reality
11 Like Fleas *
12 Cricket Chronicles Revisited: Part 1, Ask Your Doctor - Part 2, Psyde Effects
13 Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles cover)

14 The Star-Spangled Banner
15 Southbound Pachyderm (Primus cover)

* First time played