Courtney Barnett
Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia
Saturday 1 September 2018
Recorded by eckythump from GA floor standing left side
Source: Nokia Lumia 930 (called Lumia Icon in North America) w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16bit/48 KHz PCM/WAV
Encoding: Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8)

Track List:

00 - Intro
01 - Hopefulessness
02 - City Looks Pretty
03 - Courtney talks
04 - Avant Gardener
05 - Need A Little Time
06 - Small Poppies
07 - Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack Of Self Confidence
08 - Nameless Faceless
09 - I'm Not Your Mother, I'm Not Your Bitch
10 - An Illustration Of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York)
11 - Sunday Roast
12 - Courtney talks
13 - Depreston
14 - Houses (Elyse Weinberg cover)
15 - Elevator Operator
16 - Lance Jr
17 - Kim's Caravan
18 - Courtney talks
19 - Charity
20 - Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party
21 - History Eraser
22 - Encore break
23 - Everything Is Free (Gillian Welch cover)
24 - Anonymous Club
25 - Courtney talks
26 - Pedestrian At Best

Courtney Barnett � lead vocals, guitar
Bones Sloane � bass, backing vocals
Dave Mudie � drums, percussion, backing vocals
Katie Harkin � guitar, keyboard, backing vocals

Show Notes: A hometown show to end the current leg of the tour, and a terrific show to boot, this is one tight band, and the addition of Katie Harkin on keys and guitar really helped flesh out some of the songs. Highlights included Depreston which I thought sounded great and featured a terrific singalong by the crowd which I don't think Courtney was expecting. A few different songs played at this show compared to the previous setlists on this tour (eg. Lance Jr, Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party), and some great covers. A brilliant show to end this leg of the tour!

Recording Notes: Sounds excellent, I always seem to be able to get great recordings at Festival Hall. Nice and crisp sounding, and minimal talking around me. Normalising and increasing the treble are the only adjustments I needed to make. Enjoy!