Crosby & Nash
Offenbach, Germany
September 19, 1976
(1st Gen of PH Master)

Taper: PH

Transfer: 1st Gen > unk equipment transfer > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX / ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > xACT > FLAC

01 The Lee Shore
02 Immigration Man
03 Take The Money And Run
04 Page 43
05 Southbound Train
06 Naked In The Rain w/Joel Bernstein
07 I Used To Be King
08 Lowdown Payment
09 Long Time Gone
10 Lady Of The Island
11 Simple Man
12 David Lindley Solo
13 Our House
14 Out Of The Darkness
15 Guinnevere
16 King Of The Mountain
17 Carry Me
18 Wind On The Water
19 Military Madness
20 Deja Vu
21 Wooden Ships
22 Chicago
23 Teach Your Children

Known Faults:
-Page 43: 42 seconds of tape drag
-Wooden Ships: end cut

After their most recent release "Whistling Down The Wire" fails to match the Top 10 success of their previous two releases, peaking at only #26 on the billboard charts, Crosby & Nash embark on a summer tour of the US. The tour by all accounts is met with a very ho-hum attitude by the press but each stop is met with positive reviews and adoring crowds they extend the run of shows to Europe playing dates in the UK, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia. The band consists of keyboardist Craig Doerge as well as multi-instrumentalist and and all around brilliant musician David Lindley.

It appears this stop in Offenbach has circulated for some years from an unknown generation transfer. There is a post on "echoeshub" added in 2008 listing the show with unknown taper and unknown venue. This same post made it's way to "guitars101" with the same comments but it was now listed as a SB. I do not have that particular version but would suspect that is a mistake (if someone has a SB of this fine performance please post it).

I believe this is the first offering of a 1st gen transfer from PH's Master tape. It is a beautiful capture, rich and up close. It also runs at the correct speed now which I was having trouble comfortably dialing in and I thank the good professor (goody) for stepping in and locking it down. I've removed numerous mic bumps, whistles, a few coughs and discussions along the way as well as an underlying hum that accompanies so many of these 40+ years old shows. IMHO this is now essential listening for the Crosby and/or Nash fan.

Though a new LP was released in July, you wouldn't know it from the setlist which is clearly entrenched in the past releases. Crosby scolds the audience after "Guinnevere" for yelling out songs telling them "if you want to hear "Ohio" then buy a ticket to another concert". An interesting moment that brings to the forefront the bitterness that was still fairly fresh after the CSN&Y break-up, though Crosby and Nash had recently been in discussions with Stills around a possible CSN tour which would in fact materialize less than a year later.

Everything about this show is top tier.

Samples and artwork included.


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