Crosby, Stills and Nash
"Session Selections"
Demos, studio outtakes, alternate recordings from the sessions for the first LP
Recorded early 1969, Wally Heider's Studio, Hollywood, Calif.

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1 Suite: Judy "Goddamn" Blue Eyes (instrumental with studio chat)
2 Marrakesh Express (vocal, alternate)
3 Marrakesh Express (instrumental)
4 Guinnevere (vocal, electric)
5 Guinnevere (vocal, acoustic)
6 "David?" (Come in My Kitchen, three times)
7 Black Queen (vocal, alternate)
8 Pre-Road Downs (workout-jam)
9 Pre-Road Downs (vocal, alternate)
10 Wooden Ships (vocal, alternate)
11 Lady of the Island (vocal, alternate)
12 Helplessly Hoping (instrumental)
13 Helplessly Hopiing (vocal, alternate)
14 49 Bye-Byes (jam with vocals)
15 Cinnamon Girl (instrumental)
16 Blackbird (vocal, alternate)

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