Crosby, Stills & Nash
Universal Amphitheatre
Universal City (Los Angeles), California, USA
November 28, 1982

Daylight Again Tour

David Crosby: vocals, guitars, piano
Stephen Stills: vocals, guitars
Graham Nash: vocals, guitars
Michael Finnigan: keyboards
James Newton Howard: keyboards
Michael Sturgis: guitars
George "Chocolate" Perry: bass
Joe Vitale: drums
Efrain Toro: percussion

Disc One
01. Turn Your Back on Love
02. Chicago
03. The Lee Shore
04. Just a Song Before I Go
05. Dark Star
06. Barrel of Pain (Half-Life)
07. To the Last Whale...A) Critical Mass B) Wind on the Water
08. Wooden Ships
--tape flip--cuts the next songs spoken introduction--
09. Love the One You're With
10. See the Changes
11. You Don't Have to Cry
12. Blackbird
13. Wasted on the Way

Disc Two:
01. Delta
02. Guinnevere
03. Magical Child
04. Treetop Flyer
05. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
06. Cathedral
07. Southern Cross
08. Long Time Gone
09. For What It's Worth
10. Carry On / Questions
11. Teach Your Children
12. Band Introductions
13. Daylight Again / Find the Cost of Freedom

Recorded by "Flex" Hamilton with Gary B. & Chris S. helping out
Section 23 Row E seat 2 - halfway back, on the extreme left side (in front of the PA stack)

Sennheisser MKE2002 (binaural microphone pair) > Sony D5 w/ Dolby using 2 Maxell UDXL II-S 90 cassettes
Nakamichi CR7A (with azimuth aligned, Bias at 70usec & Dolby B) > Korg MR2000-S @ 1 Bit 5.6 MHz DSDIFF
AudioGate (24-96) > Har-Bal 3.7 & iZotope RX6 advanced (prep & 16-44) > TLH

The master was paused between songs to save tape so most of the applause is missing.
Those cuts were blended together to reduce any abrupt changes.

The crowd was very excited and much effort was expended to reduce the loud clapping, screaming and whistling

One of those times when a killer performance is captured by a very nice sounding audience recording
This is from the master cassettes played back and digitized using professional equipment
Yes there is a radio broadcast of this show but it is incomplete and out of order where all your missing here is some of the applause.

Many thanks to ethiessen1 for the jewel box artwork

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use

-M- (January 2020)


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