The Cure
Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Hindmarsh
South Australia
1. Open
2. Kyoto Song
3. A Night Like This
4. Push
5. In Between Days
6. Primary
7. Last Dance
8. Pictures of You
9. Closedown
10. High
11. Lovesong
12. Friday I’m In Love
13. Just Like Heaven
14. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
15. Want
16. The Hungry Ghost
17. One Hundred Years
18. End
1. It Can Never Be the Same
2. Shake Dog Shake
3. Burn
4. A Forest
1. Lullaby
2. Fascination Street
3. Never Enough
4. Wrong Number
1. The Lovecats
2. The Caterpillar
3. The Walk
4. Close to Me
1. Hot Hot Hot!!!
2. Let’s Go To Bed
3. Why Can’t I Be You?
4. Boys Don’t Cry
40 Tracks in total with tracks 1/8 /14/ 22/27/36 that are just chat or applause.
Don't judge the sound by the first song.

I was in general admission standing, originally about 8 meters away from the front of the stage but during the first song it became evident that the mix down there was not good, also was surrounded by talkative ladies.

So I moved after the end of the first number. Theres about 20 seconds where I had my back to the stage.

The new position was much better and fortunately the good people in front of me did not talk at all. Some on the sides whooped occasionally but hardly ever during songs. Any crowd noise has been lowered , so unless you are listening on phones it should not be intrusive.

Great show and once I moved the sound is nice, some of the trippy guitar heavy songs are a little muddy in parts but its a good show overall, around 170 minute once I removed the applause for most of the encores.

P-CMC-25 cards >SP 12 volt BB > sony PCM M10 > 16bit wav > Mac Pro hd > Audition (remove excess applause, adjust levels and minor EQ >XACT ( LEVEL 8) SBE
Stealth mode about 20 meters back centre front of soundboard
Taped, transferred and mixed by GGB
Don’t sell PLEASE.
Do not distribute for trade in Mp3 format.
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