Rotterdam, The Netherlands
North Sea Jazz Festival, Ahoy

DAB (192kbps/16bit/stereo) -> Sony SoundForge 10 to split tracks and normalize to peak level -> dbpoweramp conversion to Flac (44khz/16bit/stereo)

01. Welcome
02. Playa Playa
03. Feel Like Makin' Love
04. Ain't That Easy
05. Devil's Pie
06. Chicken Grease
07. Really Love intro
08. Really Love
09. Shit Damn Motherfucker
10. Keys interlude
11. Untitled
12. Lady
13. Sugar Daddy

D'Angelo (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
C. Holmes, K. Foster, Rob Lumzy (vocals)
Isaiah Sharkey, Jesse Johnson (guitar)
Cleo Samples, Raymond Angry (keyboards)
Pino Palladino (bass)
Chris Dave (drums).

Excellent soundboard/radio quality recording from this (lossy) DAB source. Checked all guidelines concerning lossy recordings, and this torrent meets the requirements.
I was at this show, and thoughr it rocked. If you search the internet, you will find mixed reviews, mainly caused by D'Angelo starting his performance more than an hour later than scheduled. Which sucks, of course, since people at the festival planned to see other acts during that time. You can clearly hear crowd booing on track 1, as the band finally came on stage. The rest of the show is magnificent though; a true funk/soul fest by one of the greatest.