D'Angelo and Questlove "Brothers In Arms"
July 3, 2013
Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts

AT822 > M10 at 44.1/24 > WAV > Logic > WAV16 > Fission > xAct > FLAC16
Recorded by mike at soundbetter dot net

01. Intro (Questlove Speaks)
02. Ex Girl To The Next Girl [Gang Starr cover] / Brown Sugar > Go Back 2 The Thing >
03. Let Me Have It All [Sly & The Family Stone cover]
04. Woman�s Gotta Have It [Bobby Womack cover] >
05. The Line
06. You Caught Me Smilin� [Sly & The Family Stone cover] >
07. Africa Talks To You �The Asphalt Jungle� [Sly & The Family Stone cover] >
08. No Head No Backstage Pass [Funkadelic cover] >
09. Fantastic [J Dilla / Slum Village cover] >
10. Pop Life [Prince cover] >
11. Greatdayndamornin'
12. Our Love Has Died [Ohio Players cover] >
13. The Root >
14. She's Always In My Hair [Prince cover]
15. Quest Speaks / Really Love Intro
16. Really Love
17. Tell Me If You Still Care [The S.O.S. Band cover] >
18. Africa
19. Encore Break (Crowd Noise)
20. Lady (Extended Intro)
21. Lady >
22. Do That Stuff [Parliament cover]

Encore with The Roots (Kirk Douglas, James Poyser & Mark Kelley + 2 bg vocalists)

Recording Notes-
- a lot of technical issues with this one, most notably during encore of "Lady" and "Do That Stuff"
- added fades, EQ, light Compression, volume adjustments in Logic

Show Notes
- one of the hottest (temperature-wise) shows I�ve ever been to. Literally dripping in sweat, thru shirt, down face, down back. Packed in super tight for sold-out show, everyone was soaked in sweat whether they were dancing or not. By the time the encore came around I think some of the crowd was spent, but for me and a strong contingent around me, twas easy to forget about the heat and watch D just destroy with the Roots.