Da Captain Trips
6th Psychedelic Network Festival
Cafe Cairo, Wuerzburg, Germany
November - 29 - 2013
Day # 1 - Act # 1

from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 541

Rec. Info:
Matrix of two audience sources, both recorded at stage edge left side of the stage.
The tape comprised of these sources:
a) AIWA CM 30 -> Olympus LS-11 (at WAV 16/44) - captured by SEETHEFUZZ7
b) OKM2R -> Zoom H2 (at WAV 16/44) - captured by SEETHELIGHT7
Both sources sent via WETRANSFER -> my HD -> Audacity (matrix/volume boost + balance only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
The idea was to melt two different microphones with their own strength. While the old trusty Aiwa Cm 30 is a warhorse for front row recordings since 30 years, it does lack a lot
of the "deep end", whereas the OKM2R is very strong on capturing just those frequencies, but lacks a bit the sharpness of the "higher end". Therefor we thought it would be exactly the
right time to bring those together as one. I hope I didn't failed to much on this - for me - first attempt of a "matrix" and you'll enjoy this. A few pics are included as well...


Of course, a "bigger than the sun" thanks to Horst Porkert, chief organizer of this lovely small PSYCHEDELIC NETWORK FESTIVAL. Once again, it was a more than beautiful experience to
stay in the lovely town of Wuerzburg and getting my mind blown again with music from the outer orbits of this or any other galaxies...
Thanks as well to our "team" from the "PSYCHEDELIK STAMMTISCH", dear Joerg and Wolli (Mr. Blueshacks), with whom I shared the hotel room, Michael (Mr. Miroh) and my dear brother Martin
(who shared the other room with Juergen (Mr. Rendel)... So already 4 Tapers in two rooms...
We'd just checked in, as suddenly our room was conquered by the frankionian "horde" of "bandit tapers", SEETHELIGHT7, SEETHEFUZZ7 and LORD DIE. What a substational, marvellous moment!
But as there was only little time left, we had to move to Cafe Cairo immediately... After the "over the top" hugging to Horst, we came to me, an introduced another fine guy and friend,
who came all the way from Czech Republic, dear ARBUTHNOT..., what made it to 8 Tapers...already, but there was almost nothing on this planet, to get your neck scrawled from behind by my
Burg Herzberg companion (the man with the monsterstack), PROPYLAEN...
So, I think you might get 9 different views from this festival, and I hope that isn't too much?
Thanks a lot to all people there, a very respectful crowd, and to my friends there. Think I should move by birthday on one of these daze next year...

When a few guys like me met on last year's sunday noon at Cafe Cairo to have a short chat before leaving for our homes, Horst suggested the idea, that next (this) year, there'd be
only bands with the name "Space" into it. As it should be a pure SPACEROCK event. Or did someone other thought of that? Anyway, sometimes truth is closer than fiction, and it might just
be very fitting for this 3-day run. So, spiral lights may offer you to the gardens of golden delight, and here's the first one...
A few single words from DA CAPTAIN TRIPS own site...

"The band was formed as a joke in 2009 by three overweight beardy friends(members of Oak's Mary and Midryasi), they started to jam and only the hunger could stop them.
They shared the same passion for the space instrumental music based on infinite jam sessions mostly influenced by all the psychedelic rock from the sixties and seventies."

Curious? You should...Enjoy! SB.

FULL SHOW (91:09)

01. Opening words by Horst (5:52)
02. Merfolk ride (8:54)
03. Leaving the mainland (11:44)
04. Down these grey clouds -> (4:02)
05. Sargassian way to definite blue (9:15)
06. ... (13:49)
07. Mah-Ras-Kah (5:12)
08. Floating (6:18)
09. ... (10:28)
10. ... (15:30)

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@ the band: Thank you for a real good time!

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