Daevid Allen

Unknown Locations, on Unkown Dates. Song demos, see lineage.

Lineage :
These tracks were recorded over a very nice tape of Planet Gong, playing in France sometime in 1977.
Daevid must have just re-used the tape ...
Woodland writes ... "the daevid allen solo stuff is DA going thru' the chords for his 1978 tour which was cancelled ...... he recorded it for the Sex Beatles to learn the chords"

Tracks :
01 No Other Than The Mother Is My Song (over rhythm track, I think)
02 Magick Brother
03 Radio Gnome Invisible

Quality of Track 1 is superb, the other 2 not so. There is a lot of static around them.

Big Thanks to Woodland, who reckons he found these tracks nesting in his hair.

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