GURU & ZERO - June 5th, 2003

London, UK - Kosmische At Spitz - aud (25m)

Daevid Allen, Kawabata Makoto, Cotton Casino

1) ? (24:47) *
2) Daevid Greets Friends In Poland (0:50) **

* Music on P.A. at start.
- "Cotton Casino (..) Makoto Kawabata (..) we are called Guru & 0, they are the Guru I am the 0".
** Daevid with friends after the show refers to UOE May Czech shows: "We've just been to Czech".

Source: Traded CDR (EAC log included) > wav > normalized > flac.

I got this in a trade with a guy in Poland, track 2 suggests this might be his original recording. One long piece plus Daevid speaking after the show is all there is. If you dig the "dark side of the bananamoon" you might like this.

Date and venue confirmed by Calyx website.
Planet Gong has a University Of Errors show in Bristol on that date instead.

This show has not been seeded before on Dime. Enjoy!

Maclen, May 23rd 2009 - torrent shared on Dimeadozen. Please keep it lossless.