1976-06-06 London, UK New London Theatre - aud (84m)

Daevid Allen, Tony Tree Fernandez, Anna Camps, Toni Pascual, Toni Ares, Pepsi Milan

Disc 1:

1) Mystic Sister / Magic Brother (8:20)
2) Good Morning (5:52)
3)�Glad To Sad To Say (3:57)
4) Children Of The New World (4:17)
5) Selene (13:05) *
6) Band Intro - Catalan Euterpe song (5:25) **
7) Cuidado (Be Careful) (3:00) ***
8) Fred The Fish (5:36) $
9) Have You Seen My Friend? (4:15)
10) Song Of Satisfaction (2:21)
11) Wise Man In Your Heart (14:38) #
12) Rational Anthemn (3:52) &

Disc 2:

13) I Hope You Feel OK (10:02) �

* Angels Egg version, middle theme not on LP, ends with Camembert version w/coda (not "Ya Sonne")
[Cut at 2:45].
** Unknown unreleased Catalan song by Euterpe.
*** Another unreleased Euterpe piece [Cut on applause].
$ Introduced by funny talk. Includes "Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life" quote.
# Played live on Pierre Moerlen rhythm tape loop cut by Daevid from "Love Is How Y Make It".
& Aka "Change The World" and "Revolution Song" [Cut on applause].
� Encore [Cut at 2:40].

Source: Traded CDR > EAC (original log inc.) > Flac > wav (retracked, edit & vol. adjust) > Flac
Lineage for track 13: Traded CDR > wav (edit & vol. adjust) > Flac

Date & venue confirmed by PlanetGong & Calyx websites. (Also Rag Doll & Spacebox + Frith).
Daevid presents Euterpe: Toni Costaplenty, Pepsi Formentera, Toni Tree, Toni Ares, Daevid Allen.
Apparently Gilli Smyth is absent as she's not audible anywhere on this tape.
Repertoire: "Magick Brother", "Banana Moon", "Angels Egg", "Good Morning" & Euterpe songs.

I got this show as CDR in a trade. It had just three tracks (one was 44 min.).

I tracked it correctly, augmented the volume on one channel - not on all show, just where needed
(+5,1 db on left channel and + 2,1 db on right channel track) as left and right were unbalanced
at times. I edited more than 30 sec. of what seems accidental erases on track 5 and few seconds
on track 13.

This is a WOODLAND original recording. We all have to thank him for taking the time to tape,
preserve and share this document. As there's so few Euterpe circulating this has even more value.


This is an upgrade to my February torrent of the same show. I found "Hope You Feel Ok" as a one
track bonus on a Gong 70's gig. Here it's much longer, lasting 10 min. The spoken intro is
complete and the tape cuts after Daevid wishes "sweet dreams" to the audience.
It's from the same recording (same cut on first verse) but with better sound (encore
sounded darker than the rest of the show); speed is different (a bit slower, nearer to correct
speed IMO - sorry no other live version to compare). Track 12 has been SBE-fixed.
All tracks from 1 to 11 are the identical files from the original torrent. Lasting 84 min., it
needs 2 cds to be burned as audio.

Maclen May 6th 2008 - torrent shared on Dimeadozen. Please keep it lossless.

Additional lineage: FLAC > WAV > Nero Burning ROM > CDR > EAC (secure) > FLAC (L8)

Support the artists! Buy their official releases, go to their concerts!
Trade freely! Do not buy or sell! Keep it lossless!

Uploaded to DIME by propylaen in June 2015.


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