1977-05-28 Paris, FR Nouvel Hippodrome - Gong Reunion (82m)

Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Pepe Milan, Juan Bibiloni, Cloudhairy Pepe Riba

Disc 1:

1) Space Whisper Glissando Intro (3:45) *
2) Magick Brother (9:00)
3)�Sittin In A Teashop (14:50) **
4) Have You Seen My Friend (4:46) ***
5) The Rapist (2:51)
6) Brothasista Invocation (3:02) $
7) Wee Bit More (7:19) �

Disc 2:

1) Prostitute Poem (Street Version) (6:33) =
2) 5 & 20 Schoolgirls (9:50)
3)�Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes (3:41)
4) Banana Reggae (7:32)
5) Deya Goddess (9:04) #

* "Mother"? [Cut at 0:01 during audience noise].
** Aka "You Must Be Joking". Lot of french speaking by Daevid.
*** [Cut after song end on feedback].
$ This poem became part of "New Age Transformation Try" on Planet Gong 1977 tour.
� Fades after announcement at the end.
= Like on "Mother" recited on "Lili Marleen". [Cut at 3:17]. "Loveliest Night Of The Year" quote.
# Announced as "Dies Dios Deya".

Source: Traded CDR> EAC (original log inc.)> Flac>wav (retracked & vol. adjust with Magix)> Flac.

This date is a milestone in Gong history.

This was Daevid Allen's set performed at the Gong Reunion, played exactly in the same order as on
the "Studio Rehearsal Tape 1977" for this show. Gilli recites most of her poems in french.
Some sources call this band "Daevid Allen & Euterpe" while others (including PlanetGong website)
call it "Catalunatics" but the official BMO Obscura rehearsal cd is credited to Allen & Euterpe.

This is a WOODLAND original recording. Again we have to thank him for taking the time to tape,
preserve and share this document. As there's so few Euterpe circulating this has even more value.

I got this show as a badly tracked CDR in a trade.

I tracked it correctly, augmented the master volume for disc 1 (+ 1,4db with a further +0,9db
correction for right channel) and lowered it for disc 2 (-1,9db) as they were very uneven.

Maclen Mar. 18th 2008 - Please keep it lossless.

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