I found this recently on an other tracker, but I think
the resonance on dime will be bigger than there......
so I up this with the special cortesy of YoungPumpkin
who recorded it. I only added the setlist, everything else
stays as it originally was.

Daevid Allen's University Of Errors
May, 2 & 3, 2008
Amsterdam, NL
CD1 / 2 May 2008
1 Save Yourself
2 Memories
3 I Should Have Known (incl. You Did It Again)
4 When I Don't Want You
5 The Pot-Head Pixies
6 Hope For Happiness --> Fohat Digs Holes in Space
7 Jet Propelled Photograph
8 Stoned Innocent Frankenstein

CD2 / 3 May 2008
1 You Don't Remember (cut at the beginning)
2 When I Don't Want You
3 Jet Propelled Photograph
4 Clarence In Wonderland
5 Hope For Happiness --> She's Gone
6 Oh Caroline
7 Reelin' Feelin' Squeelin'
8 Stoned Innocent Frankenstein --> Fohat Digs Holes In Space

CD3 / Glysn 2 May 2008
1 Drone

Zoom Handy H2's internal mics (rear 120degree angle mode) > WAV > FLAC

Due to my daily ERROR the first song of May, 2nd is missing.
Due to unavoidable late arrival at the venue May, 3thd about the first
half of the first set is missing.

Well, even tracking itself is already risky business & arbitrary. There
is a lot of Hopefull Happiness & Shooting at the Moon, but any help with
the setlist is appreciated.

Daevid Allen - guitar, vocals
Josh Pollock - guitar, megaphone
Warren Huegel - drums
Michael Clare - bass
Hilary Jeffery - trombone and tromboscillator
Maria ? - tapdance

As a bonus I add the support act of the first evening Glysn, which is a
combination of the University of Errors and Lysn. They played a 36+ min
piece of drone music.

Daevid Allen - glissando guitar
Santiago Botero - double bass
Michael Clare - bass
Alfredo Genovesi - guitar and electronics
Warren Huegel - drums
Hilary Jeffery - trombone and tromboscillator
Colin McClean - live electronics
Mark Morse - ebow guitar
Josh Pollok - guitar

Tracks 01 -08

May 3thd, 1st set:
Tracks 09 - 12


Recorded by YoungPumpkin

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