Dailey & Vincent
12 June 2016, Sunday
Huck Finn Jubilee, Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park
Ontario, CA

Source: Telefunken M60/tk60 (A-B @ 2ft) + Joly Modded Oktava Mk-012/cards (XY) > Sound Devices 442 > Zoom F8 (line-in) @ 24/96
Lineage: Zoom F8 > iMac > Cubase LE AI Elements 6 > xACT > FLAC @ 16/48
Location: @SBD, DFC, 150ft from stage, 11ft in the air
Recorded, Tracked, and Transferred by Geoff Bender

1. Years Ago
2. Roll On Big River
3. I´┐Żll Leave My Heart In Tennessee
4. Instrumental
5. Sweet Spirit
6. Instrumental
7. Simple Man
8. Blue Lonesome Feeling
9. Instrumental
10. Fox On The Run
11. Counting Flowers On The Wall
12. Susan When She Tried
13. Take Me Home, Country Roads
14. Instrumental
15. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
16. Home
17. Elizabeth
18. The Nine Yards
19. Banter
20. By The Mark
21. This Old House
22. Cumberland River

Jamie Dailey: Guitar, lead, tenor and baritone vocals
Darrin Vincent: Upright Bass, mandolin, lead and baritone vocals
Jeff Parker: Mandolin, lead, tenor and baritone vocals
Jessie Baker: Banjo, second guitar and vocals
Aaron McCune: Guitar and Bass Vocals
BJ Cherryholmes: Fiddle


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