Rhythm Festival,
Twinwood Arena,
Clapham, nr. Bedford, UK
22nd August 2010

Edirol HR-09 (Internal mics @ 24/96) > 30' from house left
stack > Cool Edit Pro (levels and fades)> CDWave > TLH

Recording, transfer & artwork by boombox

1. Introduction
2. Vocal Introduction > Marilyn Monroe
3. Banter
4. Life on Earth
5. Banter
6. Both Sides Now
7. Banter
8. Anywhere Under The Moon
9. Banter
10. Best Day
11. Banter
12. Girl From The North Country
13. Banter
14. Alive
15. Banter
16. Harvest Moon
17. Banter
17. Hockey Sweater
18. Banter
19. Levi Blues
20. Banter
21. Moon River
22. Encore Break
23. Good As Gold

boombox's notes july 2012:

Beautiful set from the best thing to come out of Canada since Neil and
Joni, both of whom get namechecked regularly by the duo. Great
original songs, fine choice of covers, solid guitar playing and
beautiful harmonies - one guy walking past me quipped to his partner,
"a female Simon & Garfunkel", which is a pretty accurate assessment
in terms of both style and talent. If there is any justice in this
world, expect these girls to be huge!!

My only regret was as they played just guitars and a ukulele, there
was no 'Horses', but you can't have everything and the girls had
already done a set on each of the preceding two days. (I was not there,
so they were not taped, unfortunately.)

Bit of wind noise on this unfortunately - and of course the habitual
festival chatterers. It's a bit sibilant at times and I remember
thinking the PA was breaking up on the high harmonies too.