Lamarr programme 'Gods Jukebox' - A session from Texan musician Dale Watson
BBC Radio 2
June 2009

File 197mb
Time 35.06
Lineage analogue fm tuner r1 cooledit flac tlh (compression 6) aligned

Dale delivers a truckin' good session for God's Jukebox promoting 'truckin' sessions' vol 2

Music and conversation

Drag N Fly
Let This Trucker Go
The Way You Love Me Like You Do
I Got To Drive



Dale Watson on Bob Harris programme 2009
BBC FM flac

Size: 95.7MB
Time: 18Min 15Seconds
Lineage: Analogue FM Tuner - R1 - Wav - Cooledit - Flac TLH (compression6) aligned

Music and conversation: promoting 'the truckin' sessions'

Drag N Fly
Brown Bottle